The Shopping Centers and Malls in Antalya

April 05 2023Cfao

The Shopping Centers and Malls in Antalya

There are many shopping centers and malls in Antalya that you can visit during your stay. These places are great for shopping, entertainment, and dining out. These are also the perfect places to spend time with family and friends.

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Erasta AVM

If you are looking for a unique shopping experience, then you should check out the Erasta AVM. This is a half-open air mall that features a number of different shops and a movie theater. It’s easy to find and has less crowds than other malls.



If you like to shop and hang out with your friends, then you should check out the Ozdilek. This mall is one of the best in town, featuring a wide variety of foreign brands and Turkish favorites. There are also many restaurants and fast food outlets that will suit any taste.

Mall of Antalya

Located in the heart of Antalya and right next to the airport, the mall has over 100 international and Turkish stores and restaurants. It also has a 3,000 spot underground parking garage.

It is a place where you can buy everything from clothing to electronics, jewelery and furniture. It also features a movie theater, a Migros supermarket, and an indoor playground.

The largest of the Antalya malls, this place has over 234 stores and is a popular destination for tourists as well as locals. It also has an incredible kids theme park and bowling alley.


If you’re looking for a more modern and trendy vibe, then you should check out the new TerraCity in Antalya. This is a big mall that hosts 180 shops, including several well-known names in fashion and electronics.

In addition, it has a huge food court and a few cafes. There is also a Migros supermarket on the bottom floor.

You can get there by car or public transport and there is an excellent car park. This is a nice change of pace from the traditional outdoor shopping center, but it is best to plan your trip around the weather.

Land of Legends

If you are looking for a fun and colorful shopping experience, then you should check out the Land of Legends. This is a place where you can find thousands of products and the legendary atmosphere will make you feel relaxed and excited.

It is a unique place where you can enjoy your vacation with your loved ones and it also has an incredible restaurant. The unique architecture and colorful ambiance will give you the best memories of your holiday in this beautiful city of Antalya.

The biggest mall in Antalya and a great place to hang out with your family or friends. The mall is home to world-famous brands and it also has a wonderful cinema.

Deepo outlet centre

If you’re into the trendier side of shopping, then the Deepo outlet center is a must-visit. It’s located near the Agora Mall and it has over 90 stores selling both domestic and foreign brands. It has a large parking lot and you can get around on the free buses that run from the mall to the city center.


#The Shopping Centers and Malls in Antalya